Paintopia 2015

Great day out at the Paintopia Face and Body Painting Festival

Hi There, I’m Maria Malone Guerbaa

maria_no_makeupI am Maria Malone Guerbaa and I’ve trained as a TV film makeup artist about eight years ago! Then I worked on various projects, trying out film, TV shows and theater. Each were wonderful and I knew I made the right career choice.

I use Kryolan Aqua paints! These are so amazing and their quality is just the best! I love all Kryolan products from paints to FX supplies. Their range of brushes are incredible. I also love The Face Painting Shop’s brushes, they are just perfect for the detailed work I do. And yes, there’s no Photoshop or prosthetics ever! It’s a personal challenge I gave myself a few years ago with face paint. I wanted to see how far I could go without prosthetics.